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CPE 117 Foundations In Interpretation

Course Description

The 5-day Principles of Interpretation course is for new hirMust have completed at least two university-level natural science courses.es, seasonal interpreters, or docents/volunteers with no orlittle previous training in interpretation. The course is based on the NAI Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course, and as such, participants have an option of also obtaining NAI Certification. The course provides a basic understandingof interpretive principles, techniques, and skills to applythe principles and techniques to guided walks or presentations. This component will also include basics of risk and group management. Participants complete an open book exam, prepare a presentation outline, and deliver a 10-minute presentation on the final day to complete requirements for NAI CIGcertification. A NAI certified trainer will lead this course. (Note: NAI CIG certification requires an additional certification fee and renewal every four years through re-certification by providing evidence of workplace training, or other forms of documented continued education.)

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