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CPE 114 High Performance Negotiating

Course Description

Topics: The program focuses on skill development and learniWe can't escape negotiation - we negotiate at work, at homeand as consumers. However, often experience is a poor teachng how to use new tactics and strategies through: - simulations that enhance persuasive abilities - case analysis ander because the negotiator does not receive appropriate feedback. This three-day program focuses on skill development areview of conceptual frameworks - group discussions and skill-building exercises - review of recent theories and stratnd learning how to use tactics and strategies through simulations, case analysis, group discussions, and skill-buildingegies for effective negotiation - examination of the techniques to manage negotiation roadblocks and create successfulexercises. You will review recent theories and strategies for effective negotiation and examine the techniques to managreements - using e-mail as an effective negotiation tool Who will benefit: - landmen, engineers, human resource page negotiation roadblocks and create successful agreement. You will also investigate using e-mail as an effective negorofessionals and entrepreneurs - professionals involved innegotiating joint ventures - those involved in daily interntiation tool. Audience: Landmen, engineers, human resource professionals, entrepreneurs.al and external negotiations

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