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BUS 184 Navigating Without A Road Map

Course Description

All leadership comes down to changing people's behaviour. Why is that so hard? This course offers some answers and better ways to inspire and support yourself and others through transition. Successful change means creating a culture andone on one connections that help people mentally rejuvenate, and sustain enthusiasm, faith and hope for something better.

Every employee - human being - needs the skillsand capabilities to manage well in times of massive change.This course is an investment in the ability of each person to continue to create anew, to bounce back, recover and reclaim confidence, commitment and optimism while moving forward. Leaders and employees alike are being asked to become more adept at heading into the future without a roadmap. Mastering this ability is a crucial strategy for sustaining an overall vibrant healthy culture and business success over the long term.


  • Shifting Perspective - Change as an Empowering, Exhilarating Experience
  • Change vs Transition - What's the Difference? Why does it Matter?
  • Acknowledging and Managing the Emotional Part of Change
  • Recasting the Reasons for Change - How to Keep the Energy Alive!
  • Key Skills and Capabilities To Manage Change Well
  • Fast Learning -How to Grab the Jewel and Get Out of the Muck Quickly
  • How to Reduce the Stress of Change

5 Practices to Help You Mentally Rejuvenate

  • Finding the Portal to Creativity and Out of the Box Thinking
  • Holding the Vision - Making Meaning of Change
  • Key Questions to Ask Yourself on A Daily Basis
  • Recover, Recover, Recover
  • Protect Your Confidence - It's Your Most Valuable Resource


  • To learn methods to inspire employee commitment and and lasting engagement
  • To find newways of communicating positive, inspirational and emotionally resonant messages
  • To discover and apply strategies to enhance learning and mentally rejuvenate
  • To sustain and restore confidence and self esteem during change
  • To acquire tools to build personal and team accountability
  • To develop rituals to sustain personalenergy, well-being and effectiveness

Who Will Benefit: Leaders of Change, Change Agents, Managers or Supervisors, Employees faced with constant change and wantingto feel more confident and enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

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