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BUS 142 Appreciative Inquiry at Work

Course Description

What problems are you having? What's working well? These questions underline the difference between traditional change management and Appreciative Inquiry. Traditionally, we isolate a problem, uncover root causes and find a solution, often amplifying the problem and possibly revealing more concerns. Appreciative Inquiry focuses on what works and creates a series of statements that describe where the organization wants to be, based on the high points of where it has been. It is defined as the revolutionary art and science of excavating the life-giving forces in an organization through skilful questioning and bringing key stakeholders together with the knowledge to change the present and plan the future.


Understand the basics of the four dimensions of Appreciative Inquiry: Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver

Shift your thinking from 'What's going wrong?' to 'What's working?'

Revitalize your team and organization as you discover what gives life and energy to your work

Experience the power of developing an appreciative eye as you engage in activities using the 4-D approach


Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills


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