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BUS 129 Leadership: From Horse Sense to People Smarts

Course Description

This one-day seminar focuses on leadership style and provides real-time input from a partner that always provides honest, immediate feedback—a horse. In this hands-on program that safely partners people with horses, traditional learning sessions are complemented by  a series of simple ground tasks that involve working with a horse. The program supports those looking to better understand the practical application of leadership and emotional intelligence (EQ) concepts. The day is spent off campus in a heated indoor facility. You will gain insight about your leadership style, personality, and potential with experiential learning that will clearly show how your intent matches your impact as a leader. You will learn to see yourself and others from a different perspective. This seminar is held off campus and involves direct interaction with a horse. There is no riding involved. Participation in the activities with a horse are voluntary, however if you choose to participate fully you will be asked to sign a release waiver.


  • Discover leadership capabilities, focusing equally on leadership and EQ
  • Gain insight to your natural leadership tendencies
  • Identify your comfort level in dealing with powerful followers
  • Experience emotional self-management in dealing with the issues and challenges that accompany leadership
  • Learn how guiding with empathy earns respect and authority

Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Personal Effectiveness

Course Details

This seminar complements your leadership learning and puts practice to purpose concepts discussed by authors such as Kouzes and Posner in the Leadership Challenge; Goleman, Boyztzis and McKee in Primal Leadership and Collins in Good to Great.


Lunch included

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