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CPE 108 Basic Principles of Financial Management

Course Description

Topics: - financial statements and accounting issues/convenGain confidence and understanding in how financial information is used by the firm. Become more engaged in those cruciations - how financial statements are developed, what they tell you, and what they don't - how financial statements arel financial discussions and decision-making. This three-day program will introduce participants to financial terms, s used by both investors and firms - how to analyse financial statements and calculate basic company valuations - how ttatements and analysis techniques. Material is covered at a basic level and allows for practical implementation of newlo link basic statement analysis to stock market performance, employee reward systems, and decision-making - different my acquired skills and knowledge. Audience: Mid-career professionals wanting to increase their financial knowledge.ethods for raising money - profit planning and decision-making, including analytical techniques for investing in long-term assets and controlling working capital Who will benefit: - mid-career professionals who want to learn more about finance among their peers

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