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BUS 124 Creative Negotiating

Course Description

Conflicts occur between management and labour, buyer and seller, and frequently, between managers in the same organization. Managers compete for financial and human resources; they may be in conflict over the policies and goals of the organization; or over who has the authority to make decisions. While these conflicts can be disruptive, they lend themselves to resolution through negotiation. Negotiation resolves conflict through a process of communication, exchange, and commitment to a course of action. The intention is to reach an agreement that benefits both sides while recognizing that each side will protect its own self-interest. In this seminar, you will be introduced to the Creative Negotiating approach, and will have opportunities to examine and receive feedback on your own negotiating style and skills.


  • Hard, soft and creative negotiating — what are the differences?
  • When to negotiate; when not to
  • Principles of creative negotiating
  • Clarifying interests, issues, and positions
  • Probing for the interests of the other person
  • Planning the process
  • Implementing the agreement
  • Measuring the outcomes of the negotiation
  • Dealing with hidden conflict
  • Power in the negotiating relationship
  • Your best and worst alternatives to negotiating
  • Communications skills in negotiating
  • Pure bargaining strategies (tactics)


Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Personal Effectiveness

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