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BUS 121 Active Listening Skills

Course Description

Of all the effective administrative tools, listening appears to be the easiest. It is, in fact, the easiest for us to misuse or overlook, and we do so at the expense of teamwork and efficiency. Listening plays an essential role in achieving goals, making changes, and solving problems. Whether your work involves making decisions, attending meetings or lectures, interviewing, reviewing the performance of others, serving internal or external customers, selling, using the telephone, or managing others, your success will be greatly enhanced if you master the art of effective listening. In this one-day seminar, develop an understanding of the attitudes and skills necessary for effective listening, assess your listening behaviour, and learn active listening techniques.


  • Understanding the role of listening in the communication process
  • Listening for the content and intent of messages
  • Recognizing the benefits of listening
  • Developing strategies for using listening time effectively
  • Assessing personal listening behaviour
  • Identifying barriers to effective listening
  • Exploring the impact of nonverbal communication
  • Applying and practising active listening skills such as: attending, following, paraphrasing, perception checking, questioning, clarifying, summarizing, and empathizing

Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Communication

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