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CPE 105 Winning Complex Sales: Building Strategies For Success

Course Description

Topics: Leadership: Preparing for the Journey Formulating The Board Agenda is primarily designed for those on the boards of small-cap firms in the province of Alberta. It is d Strategy The Roleof Leader Business Information Research Financial Accounting The Marketing Plan Principles of Finesigned to help current and prospective board members understand what is expected of them, what rules, regulations and pancial Management Managing Change Strategic Role of Operations Financial Decision-Making Supply Chain Management Maitfalls to be aware of, and how to mitigate risk through good governance practices. Discussions include: - principlesnagement Accounting Process Measurement and Improvement Competitive Strategy & Sustainable Development Human Resourceof governance - the role of the board and directors; responsibilities - understanding the rules - securities law; TSXs Management Human Performance Management Negotiations The Marketing Process Risk Management International Opportunrules and policies - the audit committee - board development and performance - board/management relationshipsities Strategy Implementation Who Will Benefit: - current managers and executives - those in advanced technical or professional positions - business owners - individuals considering an MBA who what to see 'what it's like'

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