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BUS 113 Living and Working in the Zone

Course Description

Traditionally, the zone has been seen as the domain of athletes, artists, scientists, and a few high level corporate achievers. Yet each person, knowingly or unknowingly, will have experienced being in the zone more than once in his or her lifetime. This state is often entered through total absorption on a particular thought or task, where a person experiences the exhilaration of timelessness and the ability to doless and achieve more. Psychological research reveals thatbeing in an 'energy flow' is a natural state that leads to happiness and success. In fact, you can be in the zone whilst doing simple actions such as walking and cooking, and even while performing complex intellectual or creative tasks. In this session you will learn the art of 'relaxed focus' toincrease creativity and optimize performance. Nikki will also present tools for activating the power of your subconscious mind based on research from her forthcoming new book 'Power Zone'.

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