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GER 101 German 1

Course Description

Designed for those with no background in the German language, this course emphasizes speaking and understanding.

Course Details

German I  is based on material from the text Schritte International.  Course material focuses on communication, with the objective of enabling the student, from the beginning, to speak and interact in German. Text presents German in both oral and written extracts and highlights real, non-stereotypical situations. Grammar is presented through practical communicative situations and you will learn about modern customs, lifestyles and trends in German speaking countries.

Level I will cover lessons I - V in the Schritte text.

Below, is a sample course outline:

Lesson I

Greetings and Introductions. W-questions - "wer, wie, wo, wohin" and answers
Verb conjugation "ich, Sie, du"; country names; alphabet and spelling.

Lesson II

Introduction  of "family and friends". Business cards, filling out a standard forms with personal information. Cultural aspects. More on greetings

Lesson III

Possessive "mein, meine"; extension of the lexical field "family members"
Verb conjugation "er, sie, sie", where you live and your address  
Numbers from 0 - 20; conjugation of "haben" ( to have )
Cultural aspects

Lesson IV

Introduction to "food and drink" . Indefinite article "eine, eine" and negativ article "kein, keine"
Singular and plural form of nouns, plural form of negative article. Measurements (buying the right amount of food and drink)

Lesson V

Questions with "ja/nein" answers, repetition of the "W-questions", simple conversation for grocery shopping
Numbers 21 - 100; measures, asking for prices
Conversation about favorite dish, how to express preferences and likings
Cultural aspects

Lesson VI

Introduction to "habitation" topic
Definite article singular; lexical field "living space"
Adjective (praedikatives Adjektiv), negation, personal pronoun "er/es/sie"
Plural of definite article, lexical fields "fittings and colors"

Lesson VII

Numbers 100 - 1 000 000; reading information for  a house or apartment listing (announcement)
Reading  simple newspaper announcements and talking  about different lifestyles .Repetitions. Cultural aspects

Lesson VIII

Introduction to "daily routine". Time of day  
Divisible verbs, verbs with vocal-changing
Lexical field "days of the week"; answers to questions with "wann, wie lange"

Lesson IX

Lexical field "time of the day"; position of the verb in a sentence.Time of the day.
Listen and understanding store/office hours when recorded  on an answering machine
Cultural aspects

Lesson X

Review student questions and discussion.  
Cultural aspects

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