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BUS 105 Leading Through Generational Differences

Course Description

Leaders today are in the unique position of leading up to four different generations of employees, a situation never-before experienced. Understanding generational differences provides new insights into employees' motivations, priorities and expectations. Given the ever-increasing talent shortage, these skills are even more critical today for leaders responsible for retention and organizational effectiveness. In this one-day seminar, you will devise a strategy for addressing the needs of all generations of employees, in areas including employee engagement, recognition, feedback, motivation and employees' expectations of leaders.


  •  Introduction to the four generations
  •  Understanding the events that shaped each generation's views
  •  Translating generational differences into workplace behaviours
  •  Exploring generational preferences with regards to:
    •    Workplace need (i.e.: values, work assignments)
    •    Recognition
    •    Personal versus professional priorities
    •    Technology
    •    Leadership
    •    Feedback
  •  Devising a strategy aimed at engaging all generations of employees


Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills



Course Details

Who Will Benefit?

This seminar will be of benefit to anyone in a leadership role as well as individuals interested in gaining an understanding of behaviours from a generational perspective.


Lunch included

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