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HUM 203 Finding The Body

Course Description

The human body has been both glory and temptation. We willPlease review the new refund/withdrawal policy on our websitPlease review the new refund/withdrawal policy on our website: http://conted.ucalgary.ca/policies/refund.htmle: http://conted.ucalgary.ca/policies/refund.htmlexamine important themes associated with the body, past, present and future. We will look at ancient ideas about the body, using Greek and Near Eastern Mythology. Is the body a gift or a prison? Will the body be put aside for the immortality of the soul or will it be restored in resurrection? We will look at bodily wholeness, considering particularly the current interest in Yoga and other disciplines of somatic presence, of ?being in the body.? (Reference to Yoga tradition with its understanding of the body?s energy centres ? Chakras - as well as other schemes). Also, consider the prospect of the ?perfect body? through genetic engineering. Whatwill happen if we refashion the body beyond current imperfections? What will happen to life and death? Can we reconnect with past concerns of the ancients?

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