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HUM 202 Western Philosophy: From Thales To Sartre

Course Description

Learn about the history of Western philosophy, from 6th century BC through the 20th century. Study Socrates, Plato, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Descartes, Berkely, Kant, Shopenhauer, Mill, Peirce, Sartre and others. Examine: Pythagoreanism, Eleanism, Epicureanism, Stoicism, Neoplatonism, Scholasticism, Empiricism, Utilitarianism, Positivism, and Existentialism. Gain an understanding of the great ideas that have shaped civilizations: the Heraclitian Logos, the Platonic eidos, scholastic universals, Aristotelian syllogisms, Hegelian triads, Kierkegaard's leap of faith, Marxian communism, and Nietszchean will to power. Extensive notes included.

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