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EDU 122 Working with the Medically Physically Challenged Child

Course Description

Working with the medically and physically challenged child can be rewarding and challenging. Develop an awareness of issues and an understanding of various disabilities of childhood and the implications for the educational assistant. Gain confidence by learning education and therapeutic classroom strategies for this learner.

Course Details


Working with the Medically and Physically Challenged Child, will deal with a number of topics and issues related to the challenges of inclusion in our schools today. You will be expected to become more aware of your community through the perspective of a medically and physically challenged person. A considerable amount of participation and communication is central to this course so be prepared to share what you know about your community and school with others. Each student will be asked to maintain confidentiality over whatever is shared.

Topics Covered include:

  • The Social Construct of Disability
  • Working in Inclusive Classrooms
  • Understanding the Disabilities of Childhood
  • Meeting the Needs of Children with Disabilities
  • Neuromuscular / Sensory Impairments
  • Neurological Impairments /Health Impairments



During registration in this course you will be asked to choose either Workplace or Practicum.  You will then be automatically placed in the appropriate section.  The $35 fee for the placement has been included in the course fee.


For online courses, students must have taken Learning Online for Educational Assistants.

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