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EDU 102 Facilitating Speech and Language Development

Course Description

Speaking and listening are key to language success. Gain an understanding of speech and its pathologies, and learn to identify any articulation problems. Next, gain knowledge of how language is connected to thinking and learning. Finally, improve knowledge of strategies and develop awareness of communication systems.

Course Details

In this course, we will review the professions of audiology, speech-language pathology, and the speech-language pathologist assistant. We will talk about language, speech and communication and how these affect learning. To the average person these terms may be synonymous. In the field of speech and language pathology these terms are very different and denote different aspects of development. In class, we will define these terms and understand how speech and language delays impact the student and ways to work on developing specific skills. We will particularly learn when to be concerned about articulation, how to determine the need for a referral for assessment, how to identify delays and disorders of articulation and language, what activities improve receptive or expressive language, and what strategies will help with language disorders. We will discuss the problems of listening, speaking, reading and writing and how we can help. We will also talk about students who use augmentative/alternative communication and students with disorders that have associated communication problems.


During registration in this course you will be asked to choose either Workplace or Practicum.  You will then be automatically placed in the appropriate section.  The $35 fee for the placement has been included in the course fee.


For online courses, students must have taken Learning Online for Educational Assistants.

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