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BUS 232 Preventing Catastrophe

Course Description

Our organizations and lives are jolted when our best-laid plans go awry. Most of these jolts are not necessary, as we can reduce both the number and severity of problems encountered during implementation with focused, creative thinking at the planning stage. Catastrophic failure need not happen. People can be prepared to respond effectively to whatever arises. In this session, you will gain knowledge, skills and resources to help you become more agile in preparation. You are encouraged to bring samples of current projects, or ones that you are still contemplating, so that you can apply tools gleaned from this session to real-life plans. You will learn from a catastrophe prevention instructor with more than 25 years of experience leading and advising on high-risk projects in post-merger integration, offshore drilling, plant turnaround, organizational redesign, acquisition planning and other critical projects. At the end of the workshop, your plans will be better laid.


  • The nature of risk
  • The nature of catastrophe
  • Problem prevention
  • Contingency planning
  • Group decision tools
  • Full system thinking


Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills


Course Details

Who will benefit?

Anyone responsible for planning and implementing complex or important plans or projects will benefit. This includes corporate managers and supervisors, tecstrategists, project managers, line hnical professionals or advisors.


Lunch included

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