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FIF 176 War in the Ancient World

Course Description

Discuss the ideologies, strategies, tactics, technologies, and weaponry used in ancient warfare from the Bronze Age to the end of Byzantium (AD 1453), along with detailed considerations of particular decisive battles and great generals. Topics include: ancient war literature; warfare in the Old Testament; the Trojan War; the Spartan military machine; women and war--Amazons and others; the Graeco-Persian Wars; the Peloponnesian War; Alexander the Great; Hannibal; Julius Caesar; the Roman republican and imperial armies, with special attention to Britain and Judaea;  Attila the Hun and other invaders; the end of the Western Roman Empire; Byzantine victories and defeats, including Persia, Islam, the Crusades, the  fall of Constantinople. All accompanied by ancient versus modern comparisons and contrasts, such as: Were there any ancient weapons of mass destruction?

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