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BUS 218 Email: Taming the Jungle

Course Description

Getting lost in the email jungle? Electronic mail is a constant in our lives today. We have email at work, school and at home; on our iPhones, Blackberries and cell phones. We have email messages from our friends, family and colleagues, and we are overwhelmed! This one-day, hands-on workshop provides practical tips for managing the onslaught of email messages. You will be equipped to tame your email jungles at work and at home. This workshop will give you time to practise specific skills so that when you re-enter the wilderness, you are armed with the skills you need to win the battle.


  • Reducing the clutter in your inbox
  • Writing powerful subject lines
  • Sending messages that get results
  • Choosing the right medium for your message
  • Managing your time while managing your message priorities
  • Developing your own set of best practices for taming your email jungle

Who will benefit?

Anyone who uses email more than sporadically and wants to be a more efficient email sender and receiver will benefit from this seminar.


Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Communication


Lunch included

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