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BUS 229 Relationship Building

Course Description

Isn't it frustrating when people and their questionable behaviours get in the way of us doing what we want? Well, 'life happens' and this workshop provides insight into those very deep-rooted and personal motivators that result in others (and us) saying what is said and doing what is done!

Make no mistake about it – we all have very core and personal needs that must be met on a continual basis. These needs are driven by many factors: our behavioral style, gender, age group, cultural influences, thinking style, to name just a few! Many times people don't even know what their core needs are – and this places them at a disadvantage because then they don't know how to enhance the bright side of their style and more pro-actively manage the "dark side". Equally important, they don't know how to appreciate the bright side of others and react when they demonstrate the "dark side" of their behavioral style. This dynamic creates ripe territory for high tension interpersonal situations that directly lead to conflict!


This is not eligible for credit towards the Certificate for Emerging Leaders.

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