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BUS 215 Developing Leaders

Course Description

A new generation of leaders is emerging in the workforce, and you may be called on to train, coach or mentor them. Are you equipped to develop these people? Will you be inspiring them by passing on your knowledge, expertise and skills? Will you be charged with elevating individuals to a new level – positional or behavioural? If so, join us to ready yourself. Learning happens on the job, so knowledge of adult learning principles will aid you in training, mentoring or coaching up-and-comers. Learning to identify a learning moment, and when to leverage it, is just one of many tactics you will learn in this one-day session. Also, discover how to deal with different personality styles, discussing teaching, coaching or mentoring tactics and when they should be applied.


  • How an adult learner is different
  • The difference between a manager, coach, mentor and teacher and when to embody each
  • Finding a match that works
  • Delivering constructive feedback
  • Managing resistance to the development process


Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills



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