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FIF 156 Naturopathic Medicine Level 3

Course Description

This continued exploration looks at dysfunctional physiology and case studies in naturopathic medicine, which is a complete system of health care based on the philosophy of improving health and treating disease by assisting the body's capacity to heal itself. This Level 3 course expands on the fundamentals learned in the introductory course and the modalities explored in Level 2. We will incorporate prior knowledge to evaluate and study presented cases as well as assess management options for various conditions affecting the health of our population. Special attention will be paid to herb and drug interactions, symptom evaluation in determining causal patterns of imbalance, and evaluating disease processes as dysfunction in normal physiology.


There is a 20% reduced fee for students 65 years of age or older at the time of registration. You must register by phone (403-220-2952) or in person to receive this discount.


Naturopathic Medicine Level II

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