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TRA 177 Bali and Singapore

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Bali is an island paradise known for its unparalleled natural beauty: beaches, reefs, waterfalls, tropical forests and mountains. Part of the Indonesian Archipelago, it is also known for the arts – traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting and music. On our visit to Bali, we will trek and climb to view beautiful waterfalls, hike into the jungle to explore a monkey habitat, attend world-class performances, visit ancient temples and, of course, catch a few rays of sunshine on gorgeous beaches. We will savour the richness of Balinese cuisine – a bounty of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fish laced with an abundance of spices.

We then shift to Singapore, the spotless city-state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. One of the world’s largest commercial centres, Singapore is also a lush oasis. We will cruise the Singapore River, explore colourful gardens and delve into its history. Along the way we will discover why Singaporean chefs consistently bring home top awards from international culinary events. Their meticulous technique combined with the colour and flavour of Singaporean ingredients and the influence of Malaysia and China create beautiful – and amazingly tasty – dishes. Prepare for two weeks of paradise in Bali and Singapore.

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