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PIW 200 Mindfulness: Five Day Non-Residential MBSR Retreat

Course Description

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program is designed to introduce mindfulness meditation and body awareness practice as a way of reducing stress and developing greater balance, control and fuller participation in your life. It does this through guided instruction in meditation, gentle yoga - based stretching, and group dialogue; and to encourage the application of body/mind awareness into everyday living. Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate in a new way to whatever is happening in your life, including the challenges of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, illness and everyday demands. You will learn skills to help you let go of the past, worry less about the future and live in the present with more balance and peace. This program is based on the 8 -week MBSR program developed by Jon Kabat -Zinn PhD for the Stress Reduction Clinic at the UMass Medical Centre that has been offered around the world for over 30 years.


Participants will be required to bring a yoga mat and any additional cushions for comfort during seated/lying guided meditations.

A simple lunch will be included in the price (no frills sandwich with vegan and vegetarian options).  Participants are encouraged to bring additional snacks, water and coffee as this will not be included.  There will be access to a kettle and sink.

Thank you for your interest in this course. Unfortunately, the course you have selected is currently not open for enrolment. Please complete a Course Inquiry so that we may promptly notify you when enrolment opens.

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