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FIF 626 Metabolic CSI: What's in the Blood?

Course Description

Have you ever wondered how CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) specialists catch a criminal using a very small blood sample collected at a crime scene as evidence? This is possible only if a unique genetic (DNA) fingerprint can be found in the sample. In a similar way, metabolomics researchers look for the chemical fingerprints and metabolic patterns in blood, urine or any other biofluid to identify features that are related to an individual’s health, diet, medications or environment. More than 100 different metabolites can be measured from one single drop of blood. Discover how the metabolomics approach can lead to a simple blood/urine test that will give physicians the tools for early recognition of disease, rapid diagnosis, and initiation of appropriate treatment, all of which are key to improving human health. The class will also include a lab-tour and simple lab-based exercises to become familiar with the equipment used in metabolomics-based studies.

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