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FIF 620 Philosophy of Money

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Course Description

Philosophers might seem like the very last people to ask about money, since they are usually so bad at making it. But even Adam Smith himself, author of Wealth of Nations and father of capitalism, was a philosopher before he was an economist and had some surprising things to say about money and wealth. Smith was no outlier. Since at least Aristotle, philosophers have had interesting and provocative things to say about money. In this class, you will look at a few of them and discuss issues such as money and the nature of value, the ethics of wealth and charity, and money’s relationship to happiness. This will involve covering why Aristotle thought banking was evil, why Adam Smith thought ambition was a curse, and what a Nobel Prize winning economist has to say about how much it costs to be happy.


  FIF 620 - 003 Philosophy of Money  
  Winter 2017   Status:  Available
Class:   Sat 9:00AM - 4:00PM
25 Mar 2017
Number of Sessions: 1 Sessions
Hours: 6.00
Course Fees:   Fee before GST non-credit    $75.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Campus: Main Campus
Delivery Options:  Class
Instructor(s): David Dick, PhD
  Section Notes:  

Please note there is an hour lunch break.

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