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EDU 154 Program Portfolio - Educational Assistant Certificate

Course Description

The Program Portfolio is designed to bring together your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an educational assistant through personal reflection and thought. It is a written expression of your knowledge and skills relevant to the position of an educational assistant, and provides you with an opportunity to evaluate your efficiency in the classroom and effectiveness with students. As a summary of program and personal experiences, your portfolio documents your achievements in becoming an excellent educator. The portfolio may be evaluative, descriptive and reflective, and will describe your assisting philosophy, assisting innovations and other accomplishments.

Course Details

This course will define the purpose of the portfolio, offer assistance with self-evaluation and reflection, and provide with help and tips as you develop your portfolio. Two Elluminate Live sessions will be scheduled.

A headset and microphone are requried.


Please note, certificates are awarded three times a year. Students who submit their portfolios by April 1, 2013 will be eligible to graduate in June 2013.  If you miss this deadline, you may be eligible to graduate in October 2013.  Once students have completed their program requirements we ask that students apply for graduation online.

Prerequisite: Learning Online for Educational Assistants.

Register for this course when all program core and electives courses are completed or near to complete.  Email us at eainfo@ucalgary.ca if your last course(s)  are in progress or you still have some courses to complete. However, please note the following University deadlines:

  • April 1 for Portfolio submission. Application for certificate must be returned by April 30,2013 to receive certificate at graduation ceremony in June.
  • August 1, for Portfolio submission. Application for certificate must be submitted by October 1 2013 in order to receive your certificate by end of October.
  • December 1 for Porfolio submission. Application for certificate must be submitted by Feb. 5, 2013 to receive your certificate in the mail be the end of February. 


Prerequisite: Learning Online for Educational Assistants

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