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ICT 713 Building Web Applications with Microsoft ASP.NET and C#

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Course Description

This course provides students with the essential skills to build web applications using modern development technologies and practices.

Course Details

Web applications and services are critical technologies in any organization. These applications and services are usually connected to a database and enable organizations with webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, wikis and many other functions.

Using Microsoft .NET technology, C# programming language and Visual Studio IDE, this course covers ASP.NET to create, debug and deploy server-side applications, to use web server controls, validate data, write handlers that respond to page and control events, preserve state, redirect or transfer between web pages, and provide a cohesive look of multiple web pages using master pages and themes.

Accessibility standards, security concerns, hosting and payment processing options, using ADO.NET objects to present data, and the MVC approach to ASP.NET is also discussed.


Instructional Delivery

All instruction is instructor-led, face-to-face and may be delivered in three formats:

  • In Class - all classes are taught in a classroom lab.
  • Online - all classes are taught synchronously in real-time.
  • Blended - delivery is both in a classroom lab and synchronously online, alternating weekly.

It is the students responsibility to carefully read the course section content below to know which delivery options are available for the course they are registering into.


  • Registrations within 24 hours of course start time must be made by phone (403-220-2988).

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Course Content

Course Level Learning Outcomes

  • Develop professional web applications and web services capable of processing and manipulating data from a database
  • Understand the software development process to design and develop accessible and secure web applications

Topics of Instruction

  • HTML and CSS review
  • Web Server Controls
  • Accessibility standards
  • Security
  • Hosting
  • Web Services
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC)

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Recommendations and Requirements

Course Duration

Courses are 30 hours and are scheduled to be completed in either 5 weeks or 10 weeks. Generally, 5 week courses have two classes per week, and 10 week courses have one class per week.

Delivery Formats

Courses may be delivered in class, online, or blended (both in class and online). All delivery formats will use Desire2Learn (D2L) and Adobe Connect Meeting (ACM) tools to varying degrees and it is the students responsibility to ensure they are comfortable with these tools prior to the start of the first class.

Students are encouraged to read Student Online Learning Resources to determine the delivery format that will best meet their learning needs.

  • Students familiar with D2L and ACM from previous course work, require no further introduction to these learning tools.
  • Students who register into an in class only course section and who are unfamiliar with D2L and ACM learning tools are recommended to take the necessary time to fully explore these learning tools prior to the start of class.
  • Students who register into an online or blended course section and who are unfamiliar with D2L and ACM learning tools are recommended to take BMC 352 Learning Online.

Required Tools

For online and blended delivery, students should have access to their own computer with required software, Internet connection, a headset with speakers and microphone, webcam, and a monitor large enough to display multiple applications (or the use of two monitors). Students should test their environment prior to the start of class to ensure everything is working properly.

Required Software



It is strongly recommended that students attend every class. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate potential absenteeism to the instructor.

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  • Students who register into an online or blended course section and who are unfamiliar with D2L and ACM learning tools are recommended to take BMC 352 Learning Online.
  • Students must be familiar with the personal computer, keyboard and mouse.
  • Students must have Microsoft Windows skills and knowledge, and be able to perform the following tasks:
    • start and run Windows
    • use the taskbar, Start button and Help feature
    • use Minimize, Maximize, Restore Down/Up and Close
    • use the left and right mouse buttons appropriately
    • understand file management techniques
    • navigate between files, folders, or drives.

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Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s)


  ICT 713 - 005 Building Web Applications with Microsoft ASP.NET and C#  
  Winter 2017   Status:  Available
Online:   Wed 6:00PM - 9:00PM
11 Jan 2017 to 15 Mar 2017
Number of Sessions: 10 Sessions
Hours: 30.00
Course Fees:   Flat Fee non-credit    $825.00
Delivery Options:  Online Synchronous
Instructor(s): Jolanta Warpechowska-Gruca
  Section Notes:  


This course has 10 classes scheduled once per week for 10 weeks. This course is delivered in an online format. Classes are held online only synchronously in real time. Click the 10 Sessions link above for details.


ICT 580 HTML5 and CSS3 and ICT 710 Computer Programming Level 1


Students who are unfamiliar with D2L / ACM are recommended to take BMC 352 Learning Online.


A $25 fee applies for course withdrawals and transfers. For our standard Refund, Withdrawal and Transfer Policy visit conted.ucalgary.ca/refund


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