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TRA 173 Ancient Peru Tour

Course Description

Peru! From the desert shores of the Pacific to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, we will walk this land of stunning views and ancient mysteries. On the desert coast we fly over the Nazca Lines (giant ground drawings of birds and animals best seen from the sky) and marvel at the preservation of 2,000 year-old textiles and brilliant polychrome pottery. Travelling high in the Andes, we will acclimatize while enjoying the colonial treasures of Arequipa (2,325 meters above sea level), then continue on to the imperial Inca capital of Cuzco (3,326 meters above sea level) where stone temples, palaces, and royal estates await. Machu Picchu, Jewel of the Andes, is the finale for this trip of a lifetime.

Be prepared to experience superb Andean cuisine and, when packing, leave room for alpaca sweaters and souvenirs as we will be visiting a number of Native markets.

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 Introduction with Patrick Carmichael

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