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HUM 505 Darfur: Background to Conflict

Course Description

Join  Dr. Robin Thelwall, who has worked in the Sudan for five years and conducted ethno-linguistic fieldwork in North and South West Darfur, for this series of lectures providing an overview of the elements in a conflict that has been brewing since the 1970s. Darfur has been in the international news since February 2003 when, in a daring raid, Darfur insurgents drove their armed Toyota trucks down the main runway at El Fasher, the province capital, destroying both heavy transports and twin-rotor helicopters as well as capturing a Sudan Air force General. Since that time, neither two abortive Peace meetings, nor moral and other pressures from Western Nations have changed the Sudan Government's stance. With the International Criminal Court having named not only two leading members of the Sudan Government, but also Omer al-Beshir, the President, as liable to indictment, the complexity of the Darfur conflict is of worldwide interest.

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