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TRA 122 Southern Africa

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Southern Africa. To a person from Western Canada, this is as exotic as it gets. It is not only a region of spectacular natural landscapes, and abundant and varied wildlife; but also, a fascinating blend of indigenous African cultures. It is also a region that will remind us of its not-so-distant colonial past, through its colonial German architecture in Namibia, and British architectural heritage in Cape Town.

We will be traveling through an astonishing variety of natural and cultural landscapes: from cityscapes of Cape Town to luscious tropical forests and impressive waterfalls, to some of the most fascinating deserts in the world – Kalahari and Namib.

This fascinating journey will take place in late summer, which is late "winter" in the southern hemisphere. It is also a dry season across southern Africa, and a cool season. In other words, it is the best time of year to travel there. Throughout the journey, we will be staying in comfortable hotels or lodges. In short, be prepared for the trip of a lifetime!

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Accompanying Resource person: Dr. Peter Slezak is a geography instructor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at U of C. His interests and areas of expertise are cultural and historical geography of various world cultures and regions. He has studied and traveled extensively throughout the world in the past 25 years, including eastern, western and northern Africa. Peter has led two travel study programs to China and Russia.

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