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BUS 191 Managing Behaviours Beyond the Interview

Course Description

In today's workplace, we continue to recruit individuals based upon their success during an interview combined with the results of appropriate reference checking to confirm reliability, integrity and motivation.  It has long been known that an interview is not the best predictor of success because most of us can be on our best behaviour for at least an hour or so!  When questionable behaviours manifest themselves in the workplace, typically one day after the probation period has ended, what do we do?  Here is an opportunity to increase your comfort with and knowledge about dealing with questionable behaviours during probation periods, formulas and approaches for enhancing performance, the art of providing meaningful and constructive feedback, and strategies to follow through. 


  • Learn to understand and apply a formula for incorporating expected change into performance plans
  • Develop appropriate objectives, goals and accountability statements
  • Learn how to deliver constructive feedback
  • Understand the steps involved in follow-through


Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills

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