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FIF 600 Personality Psychology: The Science of Who We Are

Course Description

What have scientists learned about human personality? What are the basic personality characteristics? Why are people so different? Is it due to nature or nurture? Do animals have personality? How did personality differences evolve? How do personality traits matter to our health, relationships, work, politics and religion? Complete a personality inventory to learn about your own personality or that of a person you know well.

Course Details

Kibeom Lee

Instructor: Kibeom Lee, PhD

Kibeom Lee is a professor of psychology at the University of Calgary. Currently, he serves on the editorial boards of the European Journal of Personality, Journal of Research in Personality, and Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. Lee has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles. He and his colleague, Michael Ashton, PhD, are widely known for their discovery of the H factor, their HEXACO Personality Inventory, and their recent book for general audiences titled "The H Factor of Personality: Why Some People Are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitive—And Why It Matters for Everyone".

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