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BMC 335 Business Retention and Expansion

Course Description

Business retention and expansion (BR&E) is a primary economic development strategy. BR&E supports and fosters the development and growth of the business community. The result of a strong BR&E strategy is a healthy and thriving business community which in turn provides a long term sustainable community foundation. Long-term BR&E programs are a means of connecting businesses with resources and opportunities that will improve their competitive position, market networks and ultimately their profitability.

Course Details

Learning Outcome Statements:

Upon successfull completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for BR&E programs
  • Identify options for BR&E programs such as Business Visitation Programs (BVPs), Import Replacement Programs (IRPs) and other BR&E programs based on the needs of your community
  • Determining types and sources of data that support the selection and development of BR&E programs
  • Examine a four-stage BVP process model
  • Recognize the critical nature of ‘red flags,’ (issues or challenges to local businesses) and the need to respond
  • Explore the concept of business incubation, entrepreneurism, and nurturing home-based businesses (HBBs)
  • Examine the governments’ roles in BR&E programs and how to encourage a pro-business’ environment to support business
  • Identify the tools and resources that can help economic developers support and sustain business
  • Identify how to plan, establish and manage a BR&E program

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