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PIW 110 Discovering Ocean Literacy

Course Description

In 1999, Rene Rajewicz PhD (Environmental Geology) and Tracy Carlson BA (Anthropology) left the Calgary foothills and mountains and, in a 27 foot sailboat, began a 9 year-long sea voyage. They started their trip in Prince Rupert at the Alaska/Canada border and, eventually, ended up in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, where they live to this day in their boat. Along the way, they experienced the ocean environment—first hand, close-up and wet. They set up a Mexican non-profit organization and, after a recent expedition into the Rio Colorado delta, are endeavoring to contribute to environmental education, research, and conservation.

"Ocean literacy", a term coined a few years ago by a number of scientific and educational bodies, describes what every person should know about this essential natural life support system. This one day course provides a deeper understanding of the major, closely-linked processes in the ocean. Supplemented by slides and anecdotes (including some interesting recipes), the course will give participants a greater awareness of the ocean environment and its inextricable link to our daily lives. As you follow Rene's and Tracy's voyage along the extensive Pacific coastline, you will discover the earth as one big ocean with many features. You will see the ocean's effect on our land masses, its influence on our weather and climate, how the ocean makes our earth habitable, the diversity of life and ecosystems supported by the ocean, the inextricable link between humans and oceans, and the extent to which the ocean still remains unexplored territory.

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