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BUS 272 Reinventing Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Course Description

While most of us don't think of ourselves as adventurers, there are lessons to learn from explorers and others with creative and adventurous personalities – lessons that can lead us to greater professional and personal success. In this seminar, learn to use an adventurer's curiosity to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Hear stories of individuals who have looked at things already done, and then gone further with their own creativity and unusual combinations. Be inspired to rediscover your dreams and goals, unlock your passion and create fresh innovations. Feel motivated to leave behind your limitations, lose your baggage, and find yourself! Be prepared to undertake an adventure of discovery. Whether you're longing for a career or lifestyle change, or you simply want more fun and activity in your days, this one-day exploration will have you imagining possibilities you've never thought of before.


  • Discover how curiosity can generate improvements in business and life
  • Understand the value of unconventional approaches to problem solving
  • Learn where to look for inspiration
  • Working with others on the journey to achieve your goals
  • Putting aside limited thinking to solve problems
  • Building courage through calculated risks and minimizing the risk of taking the road less travelled
  • Finding inspiration when outcomes take years to achieve
  • Using unstructured time to spark creativity, new skills and relationships

Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Personal Effectiveness

Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s)


  BUS 272 - 004 Reinventing Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary  
  Spring 2017   Status:  Available
Class:   Mon 8:30AM - 4:30PM
10 Apr 2017
Number of Sessions: 1 Sessions
Hours: 7.0
Course Fees:   Fee Before GST non-credit    $375.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Campus: Main Campus
Delivery Options:  Class
Instructor(s): Carol Patterson, CMA
  Section Notes:  A $25 fee applies for course withdrawals and transfers.  

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