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HUM 517 Ancient Greece and Rome: Art and Architecture

Course Description

Examine the development of Greek and Roman art from the Aegean Bronze Age (c.1700 BCE) to the end of the Roman Empire (c. 476 CE). This is a general introduction to the Greco-Roman traditions and will focus on major arts – sculpture, painting, pottery and architecture – but will also include descriptions and explanations of Greek and Roman history and society. Topics include flowering of Minoan culture on Crete and the volcanic island of Santorini (Thera), Athens during the classical period, origin and spread of the architectural orders, the great sculptural programs of the 5th century, painted pottery styles, Etruscan civilization, the transformation of Greek art into Roman, the development of portraiture in sculpture and painting, Roman city-planning, technical and structural innovations in architecture, art of mosaic, formalism of late antiquity, the city of Constantinople and Byzantine icons.


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