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TRA 161 Tanzania and the Serengeti Plains

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Course Description

The Serengeti ecosystem is arguably one of the greatest wildlife areas in the world. Here, in an annual spectacle unmatched on the planet, 1.5 million wildebeests, 200,000 plains zebras and 250, 000 Thomson's gazelles drift back and forth across the African savannah in search of the vital green flush of grass that follows the seasonal rains. In February each year, these life-giving rains transform the southern Serengeti in Tanzania into verdant grassland and the great herds gather there to give birth to a new generation. In the short span of a few weeks, half a million wobbly wildebeest calves struggle to gain their balance in the tenuous first minutes of life. We will be there to witness this breath-taking natural wonder.

With the newborns come the uninvited dinner guests: lithe tawny lions, fleet-footed cheetahs, rapacious hyenas, cunning jackals and flights of hungry vultures. Add to this wilderness marvel, scores of multi-coloured birds, the soothing silhouettes of umbrella acacia trees, the boisterous bellowing of water-loving hippos, and the star-littered night skies and you have the ingredients for a life-altering experience. In this extraordinary setting, it feels as if little has changed since humankind's distant ancestors strode across a fresh field of volcanic ash leaving us a fossilized signature of their passage. When you travel these wild African plains you discover a state of being where glorious nature can rejuvenate and inspire the hungriest of human souls.

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  TRA 161 - 002 Tanzania and the Serengeti Plains  
  Winter 2017   Status:  Wait List
Field Trip:   Wed 7:00PM - 9:30PM
08 Mar 2017 to 15 Mar 2017
Field Trip:   22 Mar 2017 to 07 Apr 2017
Number of Sessions: 2 Sessions
Hours: 40.00
Course Fees:   Flat Fee non-credit    $1,500.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Section Fees:
Travel Costs $12,900.00
Campus: Main Campus
Delivery Options:  Travel Study
Instructor(s): Dr. Wayne Lynch
  Section Notes:  

Travel costs (air, land, transportation and other non-tuition expenses) are $12,900, based on double occupancy. Single supplement is an additional $1300.

NO ONLINE REGISTRATIONS. Please call (403) 220-2952 to register.


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