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Conflict Resolution Course Timetable 2015-2016

Offered in collaboration with the Justice Institute of British Columbia – Centre for Conflict Resolution and Centre for Leadership, Continuing Education is pleased to offer the Certificate in Conflict Resolution, with a specialization in Negotiation, Mediation/Third Party Intervention, or Family Mediation. A shorter program – the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict ladders into the larger certificates.

The Centre for Conflict Resolution and Centre for Leadership is a top education provider in North America in the field of conflict resolution. Everyone is welcome in these courses and programs. There are no entrance requirements and every course will give you practical skills you can use immediately.

Justice Institute of British Columbia

You may be entitled to receive credit based on past training, such as other college or university courses. The maximum amount of credit that can be awarded is 50 per cent of certificate requirements.

To register for an assessment, you must be enrolled as a certificate student. Assessments are done by mail only. The University of Calgary books assessment facilities in the fall, winter and spring semesters. Contact the Program Manager to book the facilities after you have received your assessment package from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Although everyone is welcome to take courses, enrolling in the certificate program has many benefits. These include access to an online discussion forum (Community of Learners) where you can connect with your peers, and receive personalized assistance in planning your learning path and clear graduation requirements. While course and programs are evaluated and revised on a regular basis, your graduation criteria are set when you register for a certificate program. You can complete the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict in six months and the Certificate in Conflict Resolution in a minimum of one-and-a-half years.


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