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Seminar: The New Retirement


An overview of  the traditional and new models of retirement, as well as a presentation of 15 factors in the key life arenas of family, relationships, work\career, leisure and spirituality that will help attendees better understand the steps they need to take to plan and live a  successful retirement.

Instructor: Brian Lambier is a certified career coach, and retirement coach as well as an adult education workshop facilitator who has worked in a diversity of positions in the human services and career development fields for the past twenty-five years. He has worked as an Executive Vice President, Director, Administrator, Supervisor, Human Resources professional, Career Coach, Retirement Coach and Workshop Facilitator. Brian has facilitated workshops for many organizations, including government, non-profit groups, private corporations and schools. His training includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, a diploma in Social Work from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, a Career Development Certificate from the University of Calgary, and Retirement Coach certification from the Retirement Options Program.

He currently is President/Owner of Career Vitality Services Inc. which is a career development company located in Calgary, Alberta that specializes in career and retirement coaching and corporate training for both individuals and organizations.

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